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Elementary Science (Grades Pre-K to 5)

The elementary science program of the Enfield Public Schools recognizes the importance of science in our society and in the personal life of every member within the society.  Scientific and technological information is expanding at an explosive rate, and we recognize that our students have an increased need to develop the skills, content knowledge, and concept mastery necessary to meet the needs of our changing world.

Elementary grade science lessons are designed to:

  • Develop scientific literacy by seeking, interpreting, understanding, synthesizing, and generating scientific information;
  • Develop thinking processes and inquiry skills to solve problems and make wise decisions;
  • Recognize that science is evidence-based and founded on an organized process of inquiry and investigation;
  • Gain an appreciation for the world around them and humankind’s relationship with it;
  • Cultivate an enthusiasm for questioning and exploring why things happen in the natural world;
  • Develop a keen ability to observe scientific phenenoma and translate observations into investigations;
  • Logically think, question, hypothesize, investigate, accumulate and interpret data, draw conclusions, and seek solutions to problems based on findings;
  • Understand and use existing and emerging technologies;
  • Prepare for life-long learning.

Science Resources
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