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Middle School Science Curriculum

Science teaching and learning in the middle grades is designed to deepen conceptual and content learning that was introduced in the primary grades, expanding on student inquiry, interdisciplinary connections, and real-world relevancy.  Many scientific practices are incorporated throughout the middle years, including critical thinking, scientific investigation, design of experiments and analysis of data, use of technology to enhance learning, and an expectation for continued development of scientific literacy.  All grades emphasize hands-on experimentation and student discovery, with frequent projects that provide connections to challenging current issues.  The middle school science curriculum is aligned with the State of Connecticut Science Standards, Connecticut Core Standards for literacy, and the eight practices of science outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards framework. 

Science units in these three years provide students with a logical sequence of science content and concepts in scientific investigation, earth science, biology, chemistry, space science, and physical science.  The sixth grade curriculum includes a unit on invention design, which challenges students to think creatively, solve problems, and experience the value of re-design and revision.  In eighth grade, an honors-level course provides an accelerated curriculum including physical and earth science that enables students to enroll in biology in ninth grade.  Instruction in all grades focuses on challenging students to think, question, hypothesize, accumulate and interpret data, draw conclusions, share findings, and debate solutions.  

Science Resources
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