Chief Education Technology Officer

Chief Education Technology Officer    Guy Bourassa             [email protected]

Welcome to our web portal for the Enfield Public Schools. As a member of the school system for over four decades, I view the role of the Chief Education Technology Officer (CETO) as the opportunity to provide strategic leadership and guidance in the integration and effective use of technology in the Enfield Public Schools. As the CETO, I am responsible for overseeing the development, implementation, and management of technology initiatives that support teaching, learning, and administrative processes.

Here are some key aspects of the CETO role:

  1.  Strategic Planning: The CETO works closely with the senior leadership team to develop a comprehensive technology strategy aligned with the district's educational goals and objectives. We assess the current technology landscape, identify emerging trends and opportunities, and develop a roadmap for technology integration and innovation.
  2. Technology Integration and Innovation: The CETO working closely with the Director of Innovation, leads efforts to integrate technology into various aspects of teaching and learning, including curriculum development, instructional design, and assessment. We identify and promote innovative educational technologies that can enhance student engagement, improve learning outcomes, and support personalized learning approaches.
  3. Policy Development: The CETO establishes technology policies, guidelines, and standards to ensure responsible and ethical use of technology across the district. We work closely with legal and compliance teams to address data privacy, security, and copyright concerns, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and laws.
  4. Budget and Resource Management: The CETO is responsible for developing and managing the technology budget, allocating resources for hardware, software, infrastructure, and professional development. Working closely with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the town of Enfield, we prioritize investments in technology initiatives, negotiate contracts with vendors, and ensure cost-effective utilization of technology resources.
  5. Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement: The CETO collaborates with various stakeholders, including educators, administrators, IT and EdTech staff, parents, and community members. while building strong relationships and partnerships to ensure effective communication, gather feedback, and align technology initiatives with the needs of all stakeholders.
  6. Professional Development and Training: The CETO again working closely with the Director of Innovation, oversees professional development programs for educators and staff, providing training and support on technology integration, digital literacy, and effective use of educational technology tools. They ensure that teachers have the necessary resources, skills and knowledge to effectively leverage technology in their instructional practices.
  7. Data Analysis and Evaluation: The CETO oversees the collection and analysis of data related to technology integration initiatives. They assess the impact of technology on student outcomes, monitor the effectiveness of technology programs, and use data-driven insights to inform decision-making and continuous improvement.
  8. Technology Infrastructure and Operations: The CETO ensures the development and maintenance of a robust technology infrastructure that supports the institution's technology needs. They work closely with the town of Enfield's CTO and IT teams to implement reliable networks, secure systems, and scalable technology solutions.
  9. Research and Innovation: The CETO stays updated with the latest trends, research, and best practices in educational technology. They explore emerging technologies, evaluate their potential impact on education, and make recommendations for strategic adoption.

The role of a Chief Education Technology Officer is crucial in shaping the educational technology landscape of your Enfield Public Schools  providing vision, leadership, and expertise to ensure that technology is effectively integrated to enhance teaching, learning, and administrative processes while promoting innovation and continuous improvement.

Guy Bourassa