Director of Innovation

 Director of Innovation  Dr. Kerry Wiley    [email protected]

The role of a Director of Innovation for the Enfield Public School's primary responsibility is to drive and oversee innovation initiatives within the district. They focus on identifying and implementing innovative ideas, processes, and technologies to improve student achievement, and educator performance.

Here are some key aspects of the Director of Innovation role:

  1. Strategic Planning: The Director of Innovation works closely with the CETO and administration to develop and execute an innovation strategy aligned with the district's goals and objectives. They analyze student performance trends, teacher needs, and identify opportunities for improvement while developing a roadmap for implementation.
  2. Idea Generation and Evaluation: They facilitate the generation of innovative ideas through various channels, such as brainstorming sessions, cross-functional teams, and collaboration platforms. They establish processes to evaluate and prioritize ideas based on factors like feasibility, student achievement data, resource requirements, and alignment with strategic objectives.
  3. Innovation Culture and Collaboration: The Director of Innovation fosters a culture of innovation within the Enfield Public Schools. They encourage and empower teachers and staff at all levels to contribute ideas, experiment, and take calculated risks. They promote collaboration and cross-functional teamwork to leverage diverse perspectives and expertise in driving innovation.
  4. Partnership and External Engagement: They build and maintain strategic partnerships with external stakeholders, such as parent teacher organizations (PTOs) while actively seeking opportunities for collaboration, and knowledge sharing to fuel innovation efforts.
  5. Research and Trend Analysis: The Director of Innovation stays updated with the latest trends, and emerging technologies. They conduct research, survey all stakeholders, while exploring new technologies to improve teaching and learning.
  6. Project Management: They oversee the execution of innovation projects from ideation to implementation. They develop project plans, allocate resources, and ensure timely and successful delivery of innovative solutions. They monitor student progress, and make adjustments as needed to achieve desired outcomes.
  7. Performance Measurement and Evaluation: The Director of Innovation establishes metrics and key performance indicators through our PowerSchool Student Information System and state of Connecticut provided tools to measure the impact and effectiveness of innovation initiatives and teaching. They track and evaluate the performance of innovation projects, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide regular reports to administration, the Enfield Board of Education and the community.
  8. Change Management: Innovation often involves organizational change. The Director of Innovation plays a crucial role in leading change management efforts, ensuring that the district is ready and capable of embracing and implementing innovation. They communicate the vision, benefits, and rationale behind innovation initiatives and provide support and resources to facilitate successful adoption.
  9.  Continuous Improvement: The Director of Innovation models and promotes a culture of continuous learning and improvement. They facilitate post-implementation reviews, gather feedback, and conduct lessons learned sessions to extract insights and identify areas for refinement and future innovation.

Overall, the Director of Innovation is responsible for driving a culture of innovation, developing and executing innovation strategies, fostering collaboration, and overseeing the implementation of innovative projects and initiatives. They play a critical role in helping Enfield Public Schools stay competitive, adapt to change, and drive growth through continuous innovation.