PowerSchool Data Analyst

Our PowerSchool Data Analyst's primary role is to gather, analyze, and interpret data related to student information and educational performance using the PowerSchool system. Their duties  vary depending on the specific time of year and the needs of district.

Their responsibilities would include:

  1. Data Collection: Collecting and organizing data from various sources within the PowerSchool system, such as student enrollment information, attendance records, grades, and standardized test scores.
  2. Data Analysis: Applying statistical and analytical techniques to identify patterns, trends, and correlations in the data. This involves using tools like Excel, SQL, or other data analysis software to manipulate and analyze large datasets.
  3. Data Visualization: Creating clear and visually appealing reports, charts, and graphs to present the analyzed data to different stakeholders, such as teachers, administrators, and parents. This helps in understanding and communicating key insights and trends effectively.
  4. Report Generation: Developing and generating regular and ad-hoc reports based on specific data requests from various stakeholders. These reports may include student progress reports, attendance summaries, grade distributions, and other performance indicators.
  5. Data Quality Assurance: Ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and integrity of the data by conducting regular data audits, identifying and resolving any data inconsistencies or errors.
  6. Data-driven Insights: Collaborating with educators, administrators, and other relevant stakeholders to understand their data needs and provide actionable insights to improve student performance, identify areas for improvement, and support evidence-based decision-making.
  7. System Maintenance and Upgrades: Assisting in the maintenance and upgrading of the PowerSchool system, including troubleshooting data-related issues, coordinating with the town of Enfield IT department, the schools EdTech team and staying updated on the latest features and functionalities of the system.
  8. Training and Support: Providing training and support to teachers and staff members on the effective use of PowerSchool and data analysis techniques. This may involve conducting workshops, creating training materials, and offering one-on-one assistance as needed.
  9. Data Privacy and Security: Ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and maintaining the security of student information by implementing appropriate access controls, encryption measures, and following data governance best practices.
  10. Other additional tasks and assistance as needed by the EdTech team.

Overall, as a PowerSchool Data Analyst, their aim is to leverage data to support data-informed decision-making, enhance educational outcomes, and contribute to the overall improvement of the educational institution's operations and strategies.