Technology Integration Specialists

 Enfield High School  Julie Kunzelman    [email protected]
 Intermediate Level  Devon Aloisa
   Mary Almeida     [email protected]
 Primary Level  Amanda Furey    [email protected]
   Emily Hulevitch    [email protected]
  Floater  Chelsea Hatfield     [email protected]

Our Technology Integration Specialist is a professional who plays a crucial role in in your Enfield Public Schools, by supporting the integration of technology into various aspects of teaching, learning, and administrative processes. Their primary focus is to help educators and staff effectively use technology tools and resources to enhance instruction, improve student learning outcomes, and streamline administrative tasks. Additionally, the primary and intermediate TIS provide direct instruction to students.

The specific responsibilities and duties of a Technology Integration Specialist:

  1. Technology Training and Professional Development: Technology Integration Specialists provide training and professional development sessions to educators and staff on how to effectively use technology tools and software relevant to their roles. They conduct workshops, presentations, and one-on-one training sessions to enhance technology skills and promote best practices.
  2. Curriculum Development and Instructional Support: They collaborate with teachers and curriculum developers to integrate technology into the curriculum. They assist in designing and implementing technology-enhanced lessons and projects, incorporating digital resources and tools to support teaching and learning objectives.
  3. Technical Support: Technology Integration Specialists serve as a first level resource for troubleshooting and resolving technology-related issues. They provide technical support to educators and staff, helping them troubleshoot hardware and software problems and ensuring smooth operation of technology systems.
  4. Research and Evaluation: They stay updated with the latest educational technology trends and research. They evaluate the effectiveness of technology integration initiatives and recommend improvements based on feedback from teachers, students, and administrators.
  5. Collaboration and Communication: They collaborate with various stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, and our EdTech staff, to identify technology needs, plan technology integration strategies, and implement new initiatives. They also communicate with parents and community members to promote technology integration efforts and address any concerns.
  6. Digital Citizenship and Online Safety: Technology Integration Specialists promote digital citizenship and responsible use of technology among students, educators, and staff. They educate them about online safety, data privacy, copyright laws, and ethical use of digital resources.
  7. Technology Infrastructure Planning: They contribute to the planning and implementation of technology infrastructure in the institution or organization. They assist in the selection and evaluation of hardware, software, and network systems that support effective technology integration.

Overall, the role of a Technology Integration Specialist is to bridge the gap between technology and education, providing guidance, training, and support to ensure that technology is used effectively and efficiently to enhance teaching, learning, and administrative processes in your Enfield Public Schools.