College Career Pathways

College Career Pathways credit, from Asnuntuck Community College, is available to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors in the areas of Honors Algebra II, Chemistry, and Parent Child Development.

College Career Pathways (CCP), a federally funded program, allows students to earn up to 13 FREE college credits, by taking classes at their high school, that have been approved by faculty at Asnuntuck Community College.

Students apply for College Career Pathways at their high school and can be enrolled in disciplines, including math, science and a career-related area (e.g. Accounting, Early Childhood Development, Business, Digital Arts, etc.)

Students must fill out both an Asnuntuck Community College and College Career Pathways applications before they enroll in their high school class. The college will provide a deadline for applying. Also, students looking to earn credit in Honors Algebra II and/or Chemistry must earn a passing score on the Accuplacer Math test or equivalent score on the SAT/ACT Math section. Scores must be submitted to their high school if enrolling in Math or Chemistry courses.

The $20.00 Asnuntuck Community College Application fee is waived. An add/drop period is available for students wishing to enroll after the course has begun. Students are able to apply the credits they have earned toward a degree or certificate program at Asnuntuck Community College or transfer them to another college or university. Many colleges accept incoming community college credits. The final decision is dependent on the accepting college’s transfer policy.

See your school counselor for more information.