Early Graduation

A student who completes all graduation requirements by the end of the second marking period of

Grade 12 may select to leave school at that time provided that he/she has followed the following


  • Make a formal request to the school administration before the end of Grade 11; this request must be made on the official “Early Graduation Request” form, which is available in the School Counseling Office
  • Receive approval from the parent or guardian after the school counselor certifies that the student is eligible for early graduation
  • Plan their senior year Semester 1 academic program prior to the end of Grade 11
  • Obtain final and official approval from the principal who will weigh each request on its own merits with consideration to early acceptance into college or some other acceptable educational or vocational program ore extreme hardship 
  • All other requests for early graduation other than those stipulated above will require the approval of the Superintendent of Schools. In no case will students be permitted to graduate earlier than the end of Grade 11


Since the Board of Education believes that a student’s high school experience is beneficial both academically and socially, it will not be the intent of this policy to encourage students to request early graduation simply for the purpose of seeking an early termination to their formal education process.


Students who have been granted permission for early graduation will receive their diplomas in June and may participate in commencement activities. All graduation expenses and obligations should be met before leaving school (per Board of Education Policy 6146).