Planning for College

  • A student who intends to enroll in a four-year college after graduation should plan his/her high school academic program carefully.
  • Course rigor, grade point average, class rank, counselor/teacher recommendations, college entrance examination scores and extra-curricular activities are among the factors colleges consider in selecting candidates.
  • Colleges vary in their requirements; the more competitive colleges require a rigorous four-year academic program including AP/ECE and Honors courses. Students and parents should consult with the school counselor regarding specific college requirements.

Below is a basic outline for planning a college preparation program:


4 Credits

Minimum of four credits, including literature and writing courses


4 Credits

Minimum of Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2; Precalculus or higher preferred


3-4 credits

Following NGSS Pathways

Social Studies

3-4 credits

Minimum of Modern World History, United States History, Civics in Action, Foundations of Government, and Social Studies electives.

World Language

2-4 credits

Minimum of two or three consecutive years of the same language taken at high school. (e.g. French 1, French 2, French 3)