Summer iPad Use Letter to Parents

=> 22-23 End of Year iPad Summer Letter (with links).pdf

Enfield Families:

We are excited to share that students currently in grades K-11 will once again be taking their iPads home for the summer!

Summer Updates

  • iReady will continue to be available for students to utilize as an optional enrichment activity until Monday, August 14th.
    • Grades K-5 will have access to iReady Reading.
    • Grades K-8 have access to iReady Mathematics.
    • The following pages contain an optional tracking sheet as well as directions for how to login. It is recommended that students complete a total of 30-45 minutes of both math and reading each week.
  • XtraMath is available for fact fluency for Grades K-8. Lessons range from 5-10 minutes.
    XtraMath is accessed by logging into Clever.
  • Summer Reading Opportunities:

iPad Care and Best Practices

  • Keep the iPad away from extreme heat, food, and liquids.
  • Maintain the use of the case and keyboard to safeguard the iPad.
  • Keep the iPad regularly charged and install software updates.
    • Connect to WiFi >GotoSettings>General>SoftwareUpdate>Follow prompts.
  • Balance screen time with other activities; encourage students to engage in physical activities, reading, and socializing. If you are interested in setting up screen limits on the student iPad, please see: => Click Here: Setting Up Screen Time.
  • Remind students of the importance of online safety and protecting personal information.
  • Students should return with their iPads fully charged (and updated) for the new school year.

New this year: No YouTube Option

  • Some families expressed interest in blocking YouTube on their student’s device. We are able to offer this option this year and block most videos through our web filtering application.
    Please note, while the filters in place should work most of the time, technology can have glitches. It is also important to understand that by limiting access to YouTube, the student will lose access to educational videos available in YouTube.
  •  If you are interested in disabling YouTube on the student device,
    please email => Click Here: [email protected].

In the event that you require any technical support or have questions about the iPad's functionality, please feel free to contact our EdTech department at:

=> [email protected].

They will be available to assist you during the summer months, except on public holidays.

We believe that with proper care and responsible usage, the iPads can provide an enriching and engaging summer learning experience for your child. We appreciate your cooperation and support in ensuring the devices are well-maintained and utilized for educational purposes.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We wish you and your family a wonderful summer filled with memorable experiences and continued growth.