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High School Science Curriculum

Enfield’s vision for science is to provide all students with a strong foundation that will enable them to understand the complex scientific issues confronting our society, as well as to prepare them for higher education in the sciences if they choose.  In addition to a robust standard curriculum for science, a variety of challenging college-level opportunities and interesting electives are offered.  It is anticipated that these options will be expanded with the union of Enfield and Fermi high schools.  The high school science curriculum is aligned with the State of Connecticut Science Standards, Connecticut Core Standards for literacy, and the eight practices of science outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards framework.  Our courses provide students with a logical sequence of science content and concepts in physical science, biology, chemistry, and earth science.  Instruction focuses on challenging students to think, question, hypothesize, accumulate and interpret data, and draw conclusions.  Embedded in our science curriculi are lessons that teach students to:

  • Use critical thinking skillsHigh School Science
  • Express ideas in verbal and written modes
  • Solve problems using a variety of skills and reasoning strategies
  • Use multiple resources and technologies to access, organize, create, evaluate, and present information and/or procedures
  • Understand their roles and exercise their responsibilities as citizens
  • Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to make appropriate academic, social, and personal choices



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