New Parent Portal Account Creation

  1.  Navigate to from any browser
  2. Select the Create Account Tab > Create Account
  3.  Fill out all information needed
    a. Please use an email you have access too so you can manage your username and password later, you will also need to confirm your account using this email.
  4.  Link your child using their name Access Codes listed at the top left of this document
    a. If you have multiple children, you can add them all during the account creation or add them later within your account’s preferences
  5.  Once you select submit you will get an email from PowerSchool to confirm your account, the link you will receive will bring you right back to and login using your new account information.
  6. Use the icons on the left hand side to navigate to what you are trying to accomplish
Follow The Screenshots Below For Guidance

Create an accountEnter Account Information Link Children
Account Created Go to your email.

Verify AccountFinal Login

Registration and SIS window